lunes, 29 de enero de 2007

Het regent zonnestralen

Resulta que un grupo holandés (Acda & De Munnik) tiene una canción, llamada "Het regent zonnestralen", inspirada en el relato anterior... :-P.
A continuación, la traducción al inglés:

On a terrace, somewhere in France in the sun
A man is sitting, who didn’t win until yesterday
But his car got of the road by accident
Without him, without Herman
Because he just sold the car

Herman in the sun on the terrace
Reading the newspaper and sees he’s not alive anymore
His car was totally burnt
And the guy who just bought it
Was with his name in the paper

Just take a deep breath
It looks like it raining, like it always does
But it’s raining sunbeams

Just a little week ago, in a park in Amsterdam
He looked back on his life en he was shocked
He was a man who’s life was predicted
And out of all his dreams he had as a boy
Only the getting old part came true

On a seat, in the park, came the decision
Call it brave, call it escaping, but I
I’m leaving forever
A week ago from now en there again he sat
With more freedom than he whished
And he didn’t know what to do

Herman is reading the paper a hundred times
It’s really there, page eighteen, boarded in black
Normally he would keep his dreams and thoughts still
But now he was nobody, nowhere anymore
He can do whatever he wants

Herman pays the drinks and stands up
Finally he has the wind in has head again
“ I got a second chance, and that’s more than I deserve”
But if this is it…this is it
And we shall see

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